Unconditional Love 199 sek

  • A bracelet made out of 22 pieces of 8 mm rose quartz with a heart hanging with the text ” made with love”. It comes in a jewellery box charged with the high intention: ” For the carrier to forgive and forget so her heart can stay open and feel unconditional love” Rose Quartz -Unconditional Love Forgiveness is the one and only way to reach unconditional love. This is the most pure and beautiful love that we can feel. First we need to forgive ourselves and everyone around us so that we can love with a deep heart. Forgiveness is the way to unconditional love Rose quartz helps us to heal our hearts and to see the light in ourselves and everyone else. It takes away our beliefs in whats right and wrong and fills it with pure love. Rose quartz is known as our romantic booster, it fills our lives with romance and makes our heart swim in pink roses while we dance to the sound of love.
  • Order your bracelet through this link: https://www.flowyeducations.com/?product=rosenkvarts-armband-small