Speak Your Truth

A bracelet made out of 22 pieces of 8 mm lapis lazuli and aquamarine with a tag hanging with the text ” Namaste”.

It comes in a jewelry box charged with the high intention:

” For the carrier to speak her truth smoothly and confident”

Aquamarine – Go with the flow

The beautiful aquamarine is so amazingly good in smoothing our throat chakra. It gives our throat a dose of the calmness of the ocean and brings us back into peace and softness.

It helps us to speak with a soft and true voice and we take the time to listen before we speak.

Our throat chakra is connected to the water energy therefore we can use this stone to balance the chakra and to stay relaxed.

  • It´s a lovely feeling to speak from our heart

If we are having problems staying in the flow and in balance in our 5th chakra this is the perfect stone to wear as a necklace.

  • soft and smooth voice following the flow

Then the stones are in direct contact with the energy center of our heart. We can simply just touch the stones when we feel that we need a reminder to stay in our hearts instead of letting emotions and stress take over.

Lapis Lazuli – Our Wisdom keeper

Lapis Lazuli is the one that helps us speak our inner truth and make our voice steady and clear.

The deep blue color is associated with self.expression and awareness, it boosts enlightenment and spiritual transformation through it´s power of our throat chakra.

It is known as the wisdom keeper since it stores all our truth and wisdom and transform it into a grounding energy and helps us speak our truth.

It has a huge power and while working with this one you will feel boosted and strong in yourself and your abilities, it shines a light on it that is impossible to ignore.

You can place this stone on your throat while meditate to receive it´s beautiful power.

Order Your bracelet through this link: https://www.flowyeducations.com/?product=speak-your-truth